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Your Affordable Mattress Store


Mattress Plus Things is a Family Owned and Operated Mattress Store.
We have over 25 years combined experience in retail management and sales in the mattress industry. At Mattress Plus Things We make sure regardless of price, the mattress has to be right. We don't sacrifice quality for price neither will you.We encourage you to visit our Store in Oakdale to check us out,you will be happy you did.



Unique. Affordable. Stylish.

Mattress Plus Things offers  Quality Products at an affordable price.With our extensive knowledge in the  current retail environment our featured Mattress and Things are ready to satisfy our valued clients' needs without sacrificing quality for price.

Mattress Plus Things offers exclusive collections of Brand name Mattresses and products at a cheaper price that bring a unique sense of style and satisfaction  to your home. Find the right product for yourself..

Promotional financing. We provide financial tool tailored to individual needs.Stop in and start sleeping wel today.

Free Phone Consultation

The Envy of All

If you’re looking for Free Phone Consultation that will answer most of your questions, your search is over! Mattress Plus Things has a large and varied product selection waiting just for you. We specialize in having the best products available and affordable to our customers. Treat yourself by coming to our Oakdale store to experience the difference.

Locally Owned

We don't have a lot of overheads and that why our quality products are priced for less.

Mattress Plus Things offers a very wide selection of quality products. No matter what you are shopping for or what what occasion, you’ll find endless — and perfect — choices. Come in  today and get inspired by all the quality Mattress and things we have to offer!


Mattress Plus Things is a family owned and operated mattress store.
We have 25 years combined experience to assist each person in discovering what a proper night sleep feels like.

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 We offer a humble parking for our customers.

1237 Geneva Avenue  North, Oakdale, MN 55128, USA

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Add A Dash of Style


Hybrid mattress

From $599.99

 We’ve got the perfect  Hybrid Mattress  sets to meet your comfort needs. Check out our wide range of comfort, styles and colors - the choices are endless! And our unbeatable prices and quality customer service will have you coming back for more.

Memory Foam

From $152.99

Make a statement in every room of your home! At Mattress Plus  Things, the sky’s the limit when it comes to unique Body Foam mattresses Our broad assortment  will give you a plenty of stylish comfort  to add personality to your space.  Go crazy — we dare you!


A good pillow is as important as your new mattress set purchase.

Gelled Microfiber pillows filled with gel-coated microfibers are soft, with consistent filling of the gelled microfiber.They mold to your ideal comfort level.Its soft, consistent filling does not shrink or clump.We have several types of pillows can can fit individual needs and budget.Come for a wide range of collection.

Adjustable Life Style Beds

Our adjustable power bases are quality and guaranteed lowest price

We carry a wide range of adjustable lifestyle beds at prices you cant beat.They are stylish with a 20 year warranty.

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